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3 Responses to Contact

  1. Tom Cunningham says:


    Firstly what a great idea! It is an incredibly difficult undertaking trying to organise this for yourself from the other side of the world!.

    A couple of questions;
    1. Is the insurance provided full comprehensive or just third party?
    2. I would only be looking at 5-6 weeks is this a worthwhile endeavour?
    3. Is there a better time to buy?
    4. I am from Australia, what do i need to provide to get an irish licence?

    Thanks, Tom Cunningham

    • martin says:

      Hi Tom. The insurance is liability only. If you exchange your Aussie license, bring a copy and surrender one for the Irish License, then you have both.
      Is this a once off trip or an annual one?
      5-6 weeks of rent is going to cost you over 3,500 euro. You can get set up on a bike for 2000 and have something to sell when your done. Your call there.
      Join my facebook page for a more up to date going on here.

  2. Eugene says:

    Is there something like this in USA or Canada ??

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