Motofeirme fee’s

The following charges apply.

For the negotiation of the deal between buyer and seller, the transfer of ownership, the dealing with reg renewal and all the other issues involved in the process, we charge a one off 150 fee.

Storage is 30 euro/month and includes regular starting and trickle charging. 300/year if kept here on an annual basis.

Pick up fee is one euro/mile round trip. (.60/KM) . If there is a multi bike pick up there will be a reduction.

Use of workshop is 15 euro/day.

We will not register motorcycles here anymore for a once off trip. If you intend to purchase a bike for a once off trip, the following conditions apply.
We will not register the motorcycle at our address. If you have a friend or family living in Ireland, it’s better you ask them.
For the purchasing of the motorcycle, dealing with the paperwork etc, we charge a fee of 450 Euro on top of the purchase price.
If you change your mind after your trip, the storage for the first year will be free of charge.

If you decide to store your bike elsewhere, we still charge 200/yr for use of address and handling paperwork. This fee will be offset if you can find an alternative address. This fee does not apply to bikes stored here. This is a motorcycle storage business and having bikes registered here and stored elsewhere is not good for our business.

Airport pickup and drop off is 35 euro and is handled by a local taxi company.

Picking up the motorcycle from our premises takes up a lot of our time, especially as I have a busy schedule. Most riders like to prep, pack, test ride, make adjustments etc. Also discussions regarding local knowledge, trips to the motorcycle store etc, are all handled by the camp host we have here for that purpose. This year, year we are introducing a 50 euro fee, which will be paid directly to the camp host. In the past we overlooked this time consuming part of the business. You will not be disappointed by the service you receive when you arrive.

1 Response to Motofeirme fee’s

  1. Jim Sepkowski says:

    My wife and I are planning a two month moto trip in Europe (may,June). I was considering shipping over our bikes until I found your service. We would probably just do a one off trip Any of the bikes you have listed would be fine for me but my wife will need something relatively low. She is currently riding a f650gs that is factory lowered You mention your fees for purchasing bikes but what about the resale ? I look forward to hearing from you
    Jim Sepkowski
    Powell river bc canada

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