My Varadero has served me very well for more than 4 years riding 2 up in 17 countries, thanks to help from Martin. The purchase went smoothly and the bike was ready to go when we go to Kinsale. Elton even installed a GPS mount on it for me so I could just carry mine over and just put it on, turn it on and go. Riding SE Ireland was fantastic – beautiful land, wonderful people, great fun. I wish we had done this many years ago. Thanks Martin and Ellton!

Ken Fritz August 2015

We had a frickin blast!

Christiana Grace Deal June 2015

Integrity, excellent service and reliability are all qualities that personify motofeirme and Martin Hurley. I’ve purchased two motorcycles sight unseen based exclusively on Martins review and recommendation and been very satisfied with each of them. I’m very comfortable riding for weeks and returning the bike to “the barn” and flying home knowing that for the next 3 to 6 months to a year the bike will be safe,secure and on a trickle charger and will be clean, serviced and ready to ride whenever I return. Couldn’t possibly be more pleased with the relationship.

Wade Butler December 2014


I’ve just picked up my bike from Wheatwhacker, and I can say I was blown away by the help he gave me during the process of buying a bike. I live in Australia, and I work a 60+hour a week high-stress executive role. I don’t have time to waste. I’d beaten my head against a freaking brick wall with insurance companies in the UK and I’d spent hundreds of dollars worth of my time fooling around with them.

I got talking to Martin (Wheatwhacker) here, and he mentioned he can sort me out a bike. He called the seller, went above and beyond what one can reasonably expect from a fellow HUBB forum member, and laid the groundwork for the seller & I to chat over the phone and the sale went well. I now have a 2000 R1 titled in my name for an absolute steal of a price, stored in Martin’s shed for the 3 months or so until I got over here. The bike is in great shape, Martin took multiple photos, has a motorcycle mechanic who works at a dealership here who is a mate of his who fixed it up for me, I will have my Irish motorcycle license tomorrow and FULL COMPREHENSIVE insurance for the bike which is a hell of a lot better than just the Green Card which is liability only.

Martin’s been so damn good in helping me I kept wondering when the kicker would kick in. It hasn’t yet, it’s just been a really friendly guy who loves helping other riders afford their dream bike tour. He’s done more than 100,000k’s touring all over the world, he can tell stories of places I didn’t even know existed and has given me so many tips on clever touring you will only find from an old hand who’s been there and done it and will happily share all the experience and wisdom he’s accumulated along the way.

If you jump on ADVRider you’ll see a few guys who have been sorted out by Martin, and are really happy. Martin currently has I guess around 10 to 15 bikes in his shed at the moment that are waiting for their owners to arrive and go touring Europe for 3+ months. While I was here, another one of Martin’s customers from the US was picking up his bike too and he had a damn good laugh and dinner was awesome.

You won’t regret going with Wheatwacker. He made buying a bike so easy, and given the amount of people now who are using his services and taking up his time, he’s taken what I personally regard as too small of a cut to cover his time and the amount of sheer effort he goes to in order that people can have their travel dream come true.

That’s my 2c

– Joe, Sydney, Australia

We were considering shipping our 1150GS GS to Europe or renting a bike there for 2000+ miles and 3+ weeks. We didn’t want to send the GS by sea ($1200+each way) because it takes too long – we’d be without the bike for at least 35 days each side of the Euro tour. We could spend $4000+ for round trip air freight out of Vancouver, but we’re in CA, so that meant more cost just getting to and from Vancouver — add another $800-1000. Rental was more expensive than shipping. What about buying a bike over there?

I was searching for solutions on ADV and Horizons Unlimited when Wheatwacker came online on ADV with some suggestions on how to buy a bike in Ireland. I was very skeptical, but it has worked out better than expected.

Wheatwacker helped me locate a good deal online for a 58,000 mile 03 Honda Varadero XL1000V near Cork, Ireland. His moto mechanic buddy near Cork did the pre-buy inspection and provided me some recommendations on what the bike would need: new rear tire and rear brake pads. Finding a bike near Cork was crucial so he could easily check it over before the purchase. That part was easy – there a lot of bikes for sale all over Ireland at good prices.

With some trepidation and nightmares featuring 1) my money going overeseas 2) my wife and me arriving to find no bike or perhaps a pig of a bike, 3) no mechanic, 4) the seller long gone, 5) no recourse for my money — I went ahead with the purchase.

So now with Wheat’s assistance, we have the bike and it’s registered in my name in Ireland. Wheat’s mechanic buddy in Kinsale changed both tires (I wanted to have good rubber on both ends), installed rear pads, Givi crash bars and suspension lowering kit, test drove the bike some more and told me it was ready to go. I bought the bars and suspension kit online out of the UK and had them sent to him for installation.

The bike came with awesome Hepco & Becker side cases and top case, so we just needed to pack with those cases in mind for our trip.

Just like Wheat and his friend promised, the bike really was ready to go when we got there. His friend delivered the bike to me, I paid him for the tires and his labor, he showed us around, we had a few pints of Guiness and made new friends.

My wife and I rode it two-up in Ireland (under-appreciated place – Ireland), across the UK, the length of France and into Spain, then to Andorra and up to Paris. All without a glitch. The bike’s now stored with a friend in Paris until our next trip. Wheat offered storage back in Cork, but we have other plans farther from Ireland away for next year.

Wheat’s moved back to Ireland now and he’s sending me the reg papers for next year. He did a great job and we saved a ton of money vs. shipping our GS or renting a bike. He has offered to buy the Vara from us, and maybe after next year’s trip we’ll do that.

I got Green Card insurance from Doug and Polly at www.motosapiens.org in Bulgaria for 60 euro/29days. That’s another good place to ride: Bulgaria. We did it last year and loved it. We plan to go back next Spring on the Vara.

The whole deal has been unbelievably easy because a couple of Irishmen want to help other riders.

Thanks Wheatwacker!

– Ken, Sacramento, CA, USA

Dealing with Martin(Wheatwacker) was straightforward, easy and better for me than shipping my Alp over. I emailed him with the size, money parameters, etc., he found this bike on the moto sales site


I did a money transfer that morning, he drove 250 odd miles to inspect, when he got there he sent me pics from his phone to confirm, called me, I said it’s a go, and the bike is now in storage near Cork. Included in transaction was a reasonable pickup fee. Had a few conversations on the phone but it was the usual Adv transaction, never met the seller or Martin before but here’s $2000, go for it.

Flying to Dublin is a lot cheaper that Heathrow, inexpensive bus or train connections direct from airport to Cork. I bought a transalp cause I own an 89, that bike is a 96, tools and spares already sorted. I can make a jiffy-pop rack for soft luggage here, take that and my spare sprockets and new chain-ready to go.

Thanks, Martin

2 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Dan Sitarz says:

    We went through Martin in 2013 and had an all-around great experience. We picked out the bike on DoneDeal, let Martin know, and he handled the deal for us, even negotiating a better price for it. He stored it in his barn for a few months, keeping the battery up on a charger weekly. We arrived in Kinsale, he picked us up in town, we spend a day switching some of our gear to the bike (saddlebags, seat, sissy bar) and took off the next day for a great 3 week tour of Ireland, Wales, England, and Scotland. Dropped the bike back off and Martin sold it for us for what we had originally paid for it. Excellent deal and Martin handled the registration and hooked us up with Motosapiens for insurance. Very simple process, Martin is absolutely trustworthy and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to cycle in Europe. Thanks Martin. Dan and Jan

  2. I used the services of Motofeirme, this past summer 2014. He handled buying the bike, transporting it and dropping it off at the craters for a trip to Canada. He was timely, honest and a pleasure to deal with. I would without hesitation recommend them.

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